Japan Eyes Tourist Boost With Google Style Street View for Cats

Tourism managers in a Japanese prefecture have thought of what they trust will draw more catlike cherishing guests: a Google-style road view for felines.

Japan Eyes Tourist Boost With Google Style Street View for Cats

Charged as a world’s initially, authorities this week dispatched an online guide that investigates the boulevards of port city Onomichi from the murmur spective of a four-pawed guest.

“We chose to concentrate on felines in light of the fact that they know everything about the city, including the back avenues,” a tourism representative for western Hiroshima prefecture told AFP.

He included that the city of around 150,000 individuals is known for its numerous cats and has a road known as “feline path”.

The guide is in light of the point of view of Lala, a soft kitty with emerald-hued eyes, who lives with neighborhood hair salon proprietor.

So far the guide covers only two boulevards yet plans to extend its achieve are underway utilizing a camera appended to a stick that floats 20 centimeters (eight inches) over the ground.

Viewers can follow what Lala – selected the leader of the prefecture’s “back road tourism” division – sees from her low-level viewpoint.

The improbable cat centered tourism offer is not Japan’s first.

Common Wakayama prefecture attracted a large number of voyagers to its local train station where a feline served as ostensible stationmaster.

Tortoiseshell-hued Tama was credited with single-pawedly sparing the common Kishigawa Line in the wake of being named as expert of the little Kishi station.

With the provincial railroad losing cash, the station lost its last human worker in April 2006, going on the mantle to Tama, who got a kick out of walking around her own particular office wearing the formal uniform top of Wakayama Electric Railway.

After Tama’s passing in June, another feline assumed control over the position.

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