Greece debt crisis 2015: Eurozone to resume ‘difficult’ talks 26

Greece debt crisis 2015 

Eurozone finance ministers are due to resume crunch talks in Brussels on a bailout deal for Greece.

Nine hours of talks on Saturday ended without agreement and Eurogroup leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem described negotiations as “very difficult”.

Ministers have expressed scepticism Greece will implement the austerity measures it has proposed.

They have little time to produce a working plan ready for European leaders who meet in Brussels later on Sunday.

“We have had an in-depth discussion of the Greek proposals, the issue of credibility and trust was discussed and also of course financial issues involved, but we haven’t concluded our discussions,” Mr Dijsselbloem, who heads the Eurogroup of finance ministers, told reporters as the earlier round of talks broke up.

“It is still very difficult but work is in progress.

Analysis: Chris Morris, BBC News

So a pause for breath overnight before finance ministers resume in the morning. No-one thought this would be easy.

They want more specifics from Greece – more on product and labour market reform, and possibly a commitment to pass specific reforms in the Greek parliament in the coming days.

But there are still much broader issues at stake – countries which think that the numbers being talked about represent far too much money to offer Greece in a third bailout.

And the divisions within the eurozone have become increasingly public.

Finland’s government appears to be in open revolt about a third bailout. Italy, on the other hand, is set to demand that a deal must be pushed through on Sunday for the sake of European unity.

On one issue all sides agree – this is not just about the future of Greece, it is about the credibility of the single currency.

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