China Corruption News: Life term for ex-security chief Zhou

China’s ex-security boss Zhou Yongkang has been imprisoned forever – the most senior legislator to face defilement indictments under Communist principle.

He was discovered blameworthy of renumeration, misuse of force and “deliberately unveiling national insider facts”, China’s authority Xinhua news office reports.

Until his retirement in 2012, Zhou was one of China’s most effective men.

He was put under scrutiny one year later as a feature of President Xi Jinping’s real hostile to defilement crusade.

State TV demonstrated a clasp of Zhou, 72, confessing at a shut entryway trial in the northern city of Tianjin. At the point when reacting to the judge, he said he would not dispatch a bid.

“I’ve understood the mischief I’ve brought about to the gathering and the individuals. I confess and I lament my wrongdoings,” he said.

Analysis: Celia Hatton, BBC News, Beijing

Analysis: Celia Hatton, BBC News, Beijing

The verdict caught many people off guard.

It was expected that Zhou Yongkang’s trial would be played out for the Chinese public; his failings strung out for every citizen to see.

In similar high-profile cases, like that of Zhou’s protege, Bo Xilai, the foreign and Chinese media were given 48 hours’ notice that Bo’s trial would begin. Reporters camped outside the courthouse for days, breathlessly waiting for updates.

In March, the head of China’s Supreme People’s Court had promised that Zhou Yongkang’s trial would be “open in accordance with the law”. The trial was set to take place in the eastern port city of Tianjin. It seemed Zhou was set to follow Bo’s pattern. Like other senior officials convicted of serious crimes, it was expected he would receive a suspended death sentence.

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